For the Food Industry, Kitchen and part of our Trapping and Hunting/Outdoor lines we make many injection moulded handles. These handles consist of various amounts of plastics and thermal plastic rubber for a desired feel and non-slip grip. For different colors we add color concentrates. We have assorted styles to choose from, most of which are already suited for each blade. All of the materials that we use in these handles are food safe.

In our Trapping line we use various hardwoods such as Oak, Maple, and Birch on two of our fleshing tools. Part of the Hunting and Outdoor product area consists of custom knives. In these knives the handles are made from many exotic hardwoods, stabilized woods, micartas, bone, antler and various synthetic materials. Exotic metals can be used in functional and/or cosmetic pieces.



Our Thermal Plastic Handles:

-  Moulded and textured to reduce fatigue and increase slip resistance

-  Made of food safe grade thermal plastic materials

-  Withstands high and low temperatures  for easy cleaning

-  Available in a wide range of colours

-  Available in several sizes and shapes

-  Will not absorb grease or dirt


Handle Shape and Sizes:

"A" handle, 4 3/4" long and roughly 5/8" thick. Formed with a slight finger guard up front. Seats in the palm of your hand.

"B" handle, just over 5" long and 3/4" thick. Finger guards front and rear for a full hand grip.

"C" handle, 5 1/2" long and 7/8" thick. Slightly larger version of the "B" handle all around. More to grab onto.

"D" handle, just over 5 3/4" long and 7/8" thick. The finger guards are the same distance apart as the "C" handle but these are larger for an even more secure grip. Recessed thumb rest ontop as well.

"E" handle, 4 7/8" long and an oval 7/8" thick. This handle has a curved transitional length and rounded finger guards for a more ergonomic feel.

"H" handle, about 4 5/8" in length and 3/4" thick. This handle has four finger grooves for improved grip. My favourite for feel.